Wash off the fake and show me your heart. 

As someone who is frequently engaged in good and well, not so good company, I begin looking for the real person, not the one they claim to be. When the smile wears off, and the laughs become few, thats when I want to know the person, truly know them. I'm getting sick of having expectations, and finding out they are nothing close to reality. 
For a while now I have kept inside how I feel about people, what I really see, what others see, and what the truth is. However, I can't seem to keep inside anymore. I am not sure if blogging about it is a way to distract me from my studies, or a form of boredom. Anyways, I will begin each day telling you about at least one person in my life, and two things about them. The expectation, and the reality of this person. No real names with be used, and places and things will also be altered so there can be no way to trace this text to the actual person. This isn't a start of a vicious cycle, its a way to express all different types of people I and even you will encounter if haven't already. I feel by my experience, you can learn to whom you should distant yourself from, keep close, and let your guard down to. So read, think, relate, respond. Enjoy. 

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